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            SMDR reporting software

            Reporting, Call Center Wallboards and Alerts

            Solutions for Every Business

            Metropolis develops call center, call accounting, 911/emergency management and telemanagement applications for businesses of all types in the US and abroad. Their easy to use applications provide advanced call notifications, over 250+ report templates, toll fraud detection and trunk analysis tools help organizations reduce liability, increase revenue, minimize expenses and boost productivity. We have your solution.

            QLive Live Queue Tracking

            QLive is a live queue and agent activity monitoring solution that integrates with, or without, a contact center to enable businesses to track KPI's, manage agent activity, and gain live, cradle-to-grave call information for their call center team. Learn More

            XT Telemanagement

            XT Telemanagement for the Enterprise provides businesses with advanced customization models, dynamic reporting features, and by-site alarming for insight into the enterprise. Learn More


            OfficeWatch Call Reporting for Business is the telecom dashboard businesses need to manage call expenses, track productivity and detect phone abuse and toll fraud. Learn More


            ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Hospitality provides customized bill back and seamless PBX and PMS interface for hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, and cruise lines. Learn More


            Telemanagement Features

            Feature Highlights

            911 Alert Notification

            911 Alerts

            If an ambulance shows up at your business, do you know who needs help?

            Learn More
            toll fraud alarm

            Toll Fraud Alerts

            Is a $30,000 phone bill at the end of the month the first notice you receive that your VoIP was hacked?

            Learn More
            call reporting and call tracking

            Detailed Reports

            Put your thumb on the pulse of your business. Dyanamic reports provide visibility into key calling trends.

            Learn More
            trunk line analysis

            Trunk Analysis

            A missed call is a missed opportunity. Are your customers receiving a busy signal?

            Learn More