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            RED Emergency Management

            911 Alarms and Mass Notifications

            911 Notifications and Mass Notificaitons

            >For businesses needing an affordable, efficient emergency management and mass notification solution, RED provides real-time responses to emergency calls with instant alerts via email, SMS text, and screen popup to an unlimited number of recipients.

            How can RED help your organization?
            • Send automatic 911 alarms
            • Broadcast mass notification alerts
            • Expedite reponse with pinpoint location details
            • Document events for risk management
            • Setup custom alarm for non-911 events
            • Save time with report automation options
            • Scalable, user-based subscription service
            • Live, US Support 24/7/365

            Advanced Incident Alarms

            Dispatch instant 911 notifications whenever 911 or 9-911 is dialed to an unlimited number of recipients via screen pop-up, SMS text, and email alarms.

            Mass Notifications

            Broadcast mass alerts in the event of a crisis to an unlimited number of recipients with easy trigger options.

            Expedite Response

            Improve the safety of your workers by expediting aid using RED's location and map importing tools

            Manage Risk and Liability

            Document emergency events with incident log notes and reports that can be automated or pulled on-demand.

            Scalable Subscription Service

            The versatile platform is scalable to handle small, single site locations up to enterprise level, multiple-site configurations.