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            911 Alerts

            Can you determine a misdial from a true 911 emergency?

            911 alerts and E911Be informed and prepared for an on-site emergency

            Accidental calls or misdials account for between 40 to 80% of all 911 emergency calls received, depending on the region. Staff receive alerts via screen pop-up, text message, and email when an emergency call has been dialed, including location details

            • Centralize 911 Alerts
            • Identify Location of Call
            • Create a Paper-Trail
            • Integrate with Any PBX
            • Receive Alerts Via Email, Text, and PopUp with Audio
            • Reduce Charges From False Alarms
            • Notify Unlimited Recipients
            Call Tracking for Business

            911 Alert Solutions

            RED Emergency Management Soltuion

            Request Information

            RED 911 Information

            Learn more about RED, our emergency management solution that helps protect your organization by providing real-time incident notifications.

            Real Time 911 Alerts Help
Manage Liability for University

            Case Study

            911 Case Study

            How do you determine if a 911 call is a true emergency or a misdial? Download the case study to learn how one university implemented OfficeWatch to help keep students safe.