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            Easily Manage Queues, Hunt Groups, and Agent Performance

            • Improve performance with configurable call wallboards, KPI metrics, and live queue monitoring.

            • Keep your team informed with supervisor and agent dashboards.

            • Automate KPI alerts to notify staff whenever performance thresholds have been exceeded.

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            Call Center Queue Dashboard

            Call Center Dashboards You Define

            QLIVE's dashboard features include configurable tools to view the call data that matters most to your business. Display the performance of your queues, caller abandonment rates and agent activities with intuitive drag-and-drop navigation.

            • Supervisor Dashboards

              Easily manage your agents with at-a-glance dashboards that provide insight in real-time on the status of service levels, queues, and agent teams.

            • Agent Dashboards

              Your team receives instant feedback on their daily call statistics and trends with QLIVE Agent Dashboards.

            Wallboards to Visualize Performance

            QLIVE Wallboards help teams to visualize their performance with real-time data to motivate teams and monitor call center trends.

            • Information When & Where You Need It

              Multiple Wallboards can be used concurrently to display different queues or groups.

            • Never Miss a Thing

              See live calls route through the queues and observe changes in agent activities in real-time, as they happen.

            KPI Alert Notifications

            Proactive KPI Alerts

            Get notified whenever your call center doesn't have enough agents available, when queues are backing up, or whenever your service level drops with customizable KPI Alerts in QLIVE.

            • Limitless KPI Alert Options

              You control your notification settings so supervisors can react to a situation before there is a problem.

            • Actionable Notifications

              Populate a notification on your screen or email your entire team. With QLIVE's notification tools, you can take a proactive approach and quickly make any necessary adjustments required to maintain your call center's service level goals.

            QLIVE Features

            Advanced real-time monitoring of your call center.

            Customizable Wallboards

            Wallboards visually display real-time call center statistics, the health of queues, and agent availability.

            Live Monitoring

            View live agent activities and queue statistics to monitor trends and ensure proper staffing and service levels.

            KPI Alerts

            Create custom notifications to send alerts whenever service levels drop, queue times increase, or there are not enough available agents.

            Scalable Agent Licensing

            QLIVE is available starting at just 5 agents and integrates with most PBX systems including Avaya, Cisco, and others.

            Agent & Queue Reporting

            QLIVE provides real-time and historical reports so you can identify the source of higher abandoned calls rates, troublesome call patterns, and the efficiency of agents.

            Training & 24/7 Support

            Metropolis is known for providing responsive sales, customer service, training, and technical support for your needs, on your schedule.


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            Version Options

            Starting at just five agents!


            Real-time Call Center Monitoring Solution
            • Minimum Licenses
            • Configurable Wallboards
            • Live Queue Monitoring
            • Real-time Agent Activities
            • Agent and Supervisor Dashboards
            • Unlimited KPI Alerts

            QLIVE Premium

            Call Center Monitoring PLUS Agent Reporting
            • All the features of QLIVE +
            • Agent Activity / Status Reports
            • Queue / Hunt Group Reports
            • Agent Cradle-to-Grave Reports
            • Call Performance Reports
            • Multiple Device Configurations

            QLIVE Bundle

            Premium plus XT Telemanagement Reporting
            • All the features of QLIVE Premium +
            • Live & Historical Call Data
            • 350+ Reports & Alerts
            • LDAP & User Synchronization
            • Trunk Alerts, Call Costing, & More
            • Enterprise Cradle-to-Grave Reporting

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            Easily Manage your Call Center with QLIVE Call Wallboards