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            Avaya DevConnect Partner

            Avaya Solutions

            Avaya Compatible Solutions

            Avaya Call TrackingAvaya Enterprise Collaboration Solutions

            >Metropolis Corp is an Avaya DevConnect partner, and our solutions are compliant with key collaboration solutions from Avaya. OfficeWatch Telemanagement for Business, as well as ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Hospitality offer easy-to-use dashboards to reveal critical business data, and have expense reducing features such as carrier bill audits, toll fraud detection, and expensive call alerts, along with advanced reporting tools. Plus 911 alerts let you know if there is an emergency call placed from anywhere on the property, even if you have multiple sites.

            Avaya Integration

            • Aura Communication Manager
            • Avaya IP Office
            • Avaya Definity Series
            • Avaya Partner
            • Avaya Legend
            • Merlin Magix
            • Nortel Legacy Systems
            • Nortel Meridian Series
            • Nortel Communications Manager
            • Nortel SL-1
            • Nortel Norstar

            "My experience with Metropolis Corp and in using their AgentWatch and OfficeWatch Solutions, is that they provide not only the most cost effective solutions in the industry, but also the most robust and easy to use. They are perfect for business partners as well as end users,”

            Jeff Bloom, Avaya Channel Account Manager

            OfficeWatch Telemanagement allows companies of all sizes to monitor and track telecom activity. The easy-to-use, intuitive telemanagement software allows users to create reports, analyze trunk usage and receive 911 and toll-fraud alerts based on incoming, outgoing and/or internal phone call data.

            ProfitWatch Call Accounting allows small, midsize, and large hotels to monitor and track telecom activity and associate charges to guest rooms. The easy-to-use, intuitive software allows users to set their own mark-ups and surcharges, build custom rate tables, and bill various types of calls back to guests.

            Avaya Solutions

            Cake Boss Case Study

            Case Study

            Cake Boss Gets Sweet Solution

            Learn how Carlo's Bakery used OfficeWatch Telemanagement with their new Avaya IP phone system to improve their customer service.

            DevConnect Video


            Avaya Video

            See how Metropolis solutions work with Avaya systems.