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            OfficeWatch for Call Centers

            Call Reporting and Agent Reporting

            Call Center Solutions

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help your call center's productivity!

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            Call Accounting for Call Centers

            Telemanagement for Call Centers

            OfficeWatch Call CenterGain productivity statistics and in depth call volume data

            OfficeWatch for Call Centers provides detailed call tracking and productivity statistics, as well as alarms for long duration, expensive, or suspicious calls to help call centers streamline their operations. The advanced reporting features help quality assurance teams gain insight into agent activity to determine which representatives are most productive. Automateable features also makes the software easy to administer, as reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery to key personnel via email, print, or saved to file.

            • 911 Alert Notifications
            • Automated Reporting
            • Telecom Expense Reduction
            • Call Volume Graph
            • Improve Staffing
            • Call Duration Statistics
            • Productivity Reporting
            • Detailed Extension Reports
            • VoIP Phone Hacking

            What a pleasure! Love at first contact with their very friendly and knowledgeable sales department, excellent support and a product that is second to none...”

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