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            Detailed Reporting

            Dyanamic reports provide visibility into key calling trends.

            Call Tracking and CDR ReportingPut your thumb on the pulse of your business.

            Tap into your phone system to gain visibility into key calling trends and reveal critical business data including cost savings opportunities, call volume peaks, and ways to optimize your network. OfficeWatch Telemanagement and ProfitWatch Call Accounting include over 200 reporting templates and automateable delivery options, to provide you with the reliable data you need, when you need it.

            • Account Code Reports
            • Call Duration Reports
            • Call Reports by Class
            • Dialed Number Lookup
            • Departmental Reports
            • Exetension Reports
            • Graphical Reports
            • Profit and Cost Reports
            • Trunk Reports
            Call Tracking for Business

            Call Reporting Solutions

            Real Time 911 Alerts Help
Manage Liability for University

            Case Study

            Paper Trail Case Study

            After a bank robbery, bank executives made several requests and an eventual subpoena to receive their own phone records, until they installed OfficeWatch.

            Contact Information

            Phone: 954.414.2900

            2455 E Sunrise Blvd
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

            Contact Us