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            ProfitWatch for Casinos

            Call Accounting for Casinos

            Casino Solutions

            Call Accounting Brochure

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            See how ProfitWatch can work for your business!

            Contact Call Accounting

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            Learn how ProfitWatch Call Accounting can provide accurate bill back, as well as other features to boost productivity and increase security.

            Call Tracking for Casinos

            Call Tracking for Casinos

            Casino Call TrackingCreate a papertrail of call records using ProfitWatch

            >Capturing revenue and streamlining operations with ProfitWatch can help casinos keep their house advantage. ProfitWatch call accounting tracks guest call activity for accurate bill back and cuts expenses with features such as carrier billing audits, toll fraud detection, and trunk line analysis. ProfitWatch also serves as an invaluable tool for security to identify any suspicious call trends and to detect VoIP hacking.

            • Trace Suspicious Calls
            • Customized Bill Back
            • 911 Triple Alerts
            • VoIP Hacking Detection
            • PBX/PMS Offline Alerts
            • Trunk Analysis Interface
            • Reduce Expenses
            • Eliminate Phone Abuse
            • Minimize Fraud

            "I have been very happy with [ProfitWatch]. We have been able to see a much better view of our calling with our guests and with departments. I would highly recommend this program to any company.”

            Lori Elbert, State Line Casino