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            Cisco Solution Partner

            Cisco Call Accounting

            Cisco Compatible Solutions

            Cisco Call TrackingCisco Collaboration Solutions

            >Metropolis Corp. is a progressive telemanagement solution provider that has designed, developed and produced cutting-edge software applications for all types of businesses since 1993, and has been an active Cisco Solution Partner (prior CDN partner) since 2004. Metropolis’ products, including OfficeWatch Telemanagement, integrate seamlessly into Cisco UC solutions to provide detailed call tracking, gateway reporting, productivity reports, expensive call alerts, trunk analysis tools, and emergency notifications.

            Cisco Platforms

            • Unified Communications (UC) Manager
            • UC Manager Business Edition
            • UC Manager Express
            • UC 500 Series

            I displayed OfficeWatch on the Cisco trunk for two years and customers were always impressed at how quickly call detail reports could be generated as well as the ease of use. I highly recommend OfficeWatch to all Cisco users”.”

            Dedo Muran, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems

            XT Telemanagement’s applications provide the ability to leverage your Cisco infrastructure and gain the most from your existing network resources. XT provides accuracy and ease of use for all your CDR reporting requirements with the ability to quickly generate and schedule reports, improve employee productivity and efficiency and provide triple alert 911 notifications. In addition, traffic analysis helps optimize trunk usage while toll fraud notifications enhance security so that users can be immediately notified of misuse and fraud creating an invaluable resource in the world of telephony.

            ProfitWatch Call Accounting applications provide hospitality customer's the abilitiy to harness the data contained from their Cisco UC Systems to bill back guest calling and generate additional profit. Powerful reporting applications, multi-site capacity, and toll fraud alarming allow ProfitWatch users to centralize their reporting, minimize expenses, and reduce liability across a single, or multiple property sites.

            Cisco Call CDR Reporting

            Cisco Solutions

            Reporting for Cisco UC

            Learn how McCluskey Chevrolet Rev'd Up Sales with OfficeWatch.

            Contact Cisco Call Reporting

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            Phone: 954.414.2900

            2455 E Sunrise Blvd
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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