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            ProfitWatch for Cruise Lines

            Call Accounting for Cruise Lines

            Ship Solutions

            Call Accounting Brochure

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            See how ProfitWatch can work for your ship!

            Best Call Accounting

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            Learn how ProfitWatch Call Accounting can provide your guests with accurate cabin call billing.

            Hotel Call Accounting

            Call Tracking for Ships

            Ship Call TrackingEasily and accurately bill guests for phone usage with ProfitWatch

            ProfitWatch can help cruise lines to keep their profit on course! Generate profit, control costs, and optimize your resources by utilizing advanced call accounting and telemanagement features, such as customized rate tables and bill back options, toll fraud detection, productivity reports, and emergency alerts. ProfitWatch can also centralize your call record data between the home port and your fleet, even if they utilize different PBX’s.

            • Cabin Call Billing
            • Missed Wake Up Notifications
            • Centralized Reporting
            • Productivity Reporting
            • Connectivity Loss Alarms
            • Seamless PBX/PMS Integration
            • 24/7 Technical Support
            • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
            • Stable Call Processing

            "Metropolis makes the easiest and most robust call accounting product of any we could find. The program is simple and honest in its aspirations, while having all sorts of cool features for the 'revenue hounds'...”

            Jeff Tweddale, BookingCenter