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            OfficeWatch for Education

            Education Solutions

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help your company reduce costs, improve revenue, and boost productivity!

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            Call Accounting for Schools, Universities, and Colleges

            Telemanagement for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

            OfficeWatch for EducationCampus wide call alerting helps keep students safe

            OfficeWatch call tracking and alerting tools help prevent phone abuse, and keep students safe! When a campus threat or school lockdown occurs, it is imperative that campus leaders act quickly to keep students, educators, and colleagues safe. From K-12 Schools to Universities, educational institutions have found OfficeWatch as their reliable alerting solution for immediate notification when an emergency call is placed. With additional features providing detailed call reporting, and telecom abuse detection, OfficeWatch is the answer for safety, liability reduction, and cost savings.

            • Trace Suspicious Calls
            • Bill Costs to Dept Budgets
            • Campus-Wide Notifications
            • 911 Triple Alerts
            • VoIP Hacking Detection
            • Trunk Analysis Tools
            • Toll Fraud Detection
            • Report by Department
            • Automatable reports

            “We were up and running very quickly and haven't had any problems since. We had some special needs that Metropolis looked into and they were able to modify the product to meet our needs. They have been great!”

            Christina Mosokowski, Thunderbird School of International Management