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            OfficeWatch for Finance

            Finance Solutions

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help sheild your firm from security threats and enhance your call expense management!

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            Call Accounting for Accounting Agencies and Financial Firms

            Telemanagement for Financial Firms

            OfficeWatch for Government Agencies, Districts, and MunicipalitiesOfficeWatch enhance your call expense management and shield you from VoIP security threats.

            OfficeWatch Telemanagement helps your agency to accurately bill back calls, maintain security, and so much more. The economy has drastically impacted financial institutions over the last few years. Regulatory compliance and financial accountability requirements have never been more stringent. From banks to mortgage firms, OfficeWatch Telemanagement facilitates regulatory compliance for financial institutions by providing visibility into their daily call expenses, and OfficeWatch’s reporting module creates a paper trail, making record compliance a breeze. With additional features providing 911 alerts and telecom abuse detection, OfficeWatch is the solution for cost savings and liability reduction.

            • Improve Security
            • Emergency Call Alarms
            • Archive of Call Records
            • Allocate Expenses to Budgets
            • Toll Fraud Detection
            • Optimize Trunk Usage
            • Automated Reporting
            • Customized Rate Tables
            • Identify Phone Abuse

            Metropolis has been a excellent solution for us to monitor phone calls. Their software support is outstanding. With the ability to monitor extensions we were able to address unnecessary personal phone use”

            Jason Pierce, Bryant Federal Credit Union