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            OfficeWatch for Government

            Government Solutions

            Government Case Study Call Accounting

            Case Study

            Metropolis SWOMB

            Learn how Metropolis helped one Military Base.

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            Call Accounting for Government Agencies, Districts, and Municipalities

            Call Reporting for Government Agencies

            OfficeWatch for Government Agencies, Districts, and MunicipalitiesPrevention, Protection and Preservation. These principles guide our nation, so shouldn’t your telemanagement solution do the same?

            OfficeWatch call tracking helps government organizations to reduce budgets, improve efficiencies, and maintain security. From military bases to city municipalities, government agencies have found OfficeWatch as their telemanagement solution for call tracking, regulatory call record compliance, productivity monitoring, and toll fraud detection. OfficeWatch offers the ability to trace calls for increased data security and provides detailed, automatable reports that can be scheduled for email delivery to multiple managers.

            • Emergency Call Alarms
            • VoIP Hacking Detection
            • TrafficWatch Trunk Analysis
            • Expense Allocation Billing
            • Phone Carrier Auditing
            • Productivity Monitoring
            • Toll Fraud Alerts
            • 250+ Report Templates
            • Global Call Plotting

            “Our organization has used both OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch for the last three years. We've found the programs to be very flexible and easy to use. And the few times that we've needed software support, the Metropolis personnel have all been very responsive and knowledgeable.”

            Kerry Lamb, KY Department of Parks