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            OfficeWatch for Healthcare

            Healthcare Solutions

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help your practice reduce expenses, recoup revenue, and reduce liability with a multitude of features.

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            Call Accounting for Hospitals

            Telemanagement for Healthcare

            OfficeWatch for Medical Offices, hospitals, and clinicsPatient safety, quality improvement, and cost reductions are at the forefront of healthcare facility concerns. OfficeWatch telemanagement solutions can help.

            OfficeWatch Telemanagement helps medical practices and hospitals helps to reduce expenses, recoup revenue, and reduce liability with a multitude of features. Healthcare executives are inundated with the need to improve efficiencies, as well as ensure the productivity of their staff and the safety of their patients. Providing advanced emergency notifications, over 200 detailed reporting templates, and customizable patient bill-back options, OfficeWatch is the key to telecom visibility in the medical community.

            • Emergency Call Alarms
            • Patient Bill Back
            • Identify Threatening Calls
            • Automated Reporting
            • PBX Offline Alarms
            • Trace Harrassing Calls
            • Eliminate Phone Abuse
            • Centralized Multi-Site Reporting
            • Productivity Reports

            OfficeWatch has helped us in so many ways. I cannot say enough good things about it. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the superior help from your support team.”

            Mark Rich, Crawford Memorial Hospital