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            ProfitWatch for Resorts and Spas

            Resort Solutions

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            ProfitWatch Brochure

            See how ProfitWatch can work for your ship!

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            Learn how ProfitWatch Call Accounting can provide your guests with accurate call billing.

            Hotel Call Accounting

            Call Tracking for Resorts

            Resort Call TrackingEasily and accurately bill guests for phone usage with ProfitWatch

            ProfitWatch is the perfect call accounting solution for resorts, spas and convention centers due to its ease of use, reliability and innovative billing options. The flexible bill back features allow users to set their own mark-ups and surcharges, build custom rate tables as well as set VIP prices for special guests or groups that have negotiated custom phone rates.

            • Flexible Billing Options
            • Stable, Reliable Call Processing
            • Real-Time Profit Graphs
            • PBX/PMS Offline Alerts
            • Intuitive Dashboard
            • Automated Reporting
            • Toll Fraud Detection
            • 200+ Report Templates
            • Emergency Call Alerts

            This software has incredible functionality. The feature flexibility is unsurpassed and the software is so user friendly that you need no training. Additionally, customer support is excellent."

            Joanne Walker, Pinehurst Resort