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            OfficeWatch for Retail

            Retail Solutions

            XT Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help your company reduce costs, improve revenue, and boost productivity!

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            Retail Call Tracking

            Telemanagement for Retail Spaces

            OfficeWatch for RetailMake sure your customers are receiving the service they deserve when they call.

            OfficeWatch XT helps stores and point-of-service sites to analyze how well your customers are being treated with OfficeWatch XT, so you can identify opportunities to improve. XT monitors all phone traffic within a single store location or among multiple sites to provide managers with insightful data on your customer’s experience such as hold times, transfers, ring time, and abandoned call statistics. for corporations provides visibility into the daily operations of a business.

            • Track store activity
            • 911 Triple Alerts
            • Analyze phone line capacity
            • Identify unanswered calls
            • Automate reporting
            • Track marketing campaigns
            • 24/7/365 Technical support

            50% of shoppers expect a response immediately by phone..."

            2013 Omni-Channel Survey