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            Call Reporting, Call Center, and Telemanagement Solutions

            Telemanagement offers businesses insight into the enterprise

            Telemanagement, Call Center, and Call Accounting Solutions

            QLive for Call Centers

            Enable your entire team to improve the performance of your call center with QLIVE's real-time call stats. Receive continuous feedback on how effectively agents are handling customer calls, queue wait times, and other key performance indicators, as well as get alerts whenever service levels are below threshold or there are not enough available agents for your call traffic.

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            XT Telemanagement for the Enterprise

            XT is a powerful telemanagement application designed specifically for the enterprise to simplify the management of the communication system and increase voice network visibility. The multi-site, multi-country, multi-pbx, multi-currency call tracking system centralizes reporting among the call network streams into a single database to provide enterprise wide reporting capabilities.

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            OfficeWatch Call Reporting for Business

            OfficeWatch is the telecom dashboard to help businesses track daily call volume, manage call expenses,and review employee productivity. With customizable toll fraud alerts, OfficeWatch notifies administrators of expensive phone abuse and potential VoIP hacking.

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            ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Hospitality

            ProfitWatch is more than just call accounting. It is an extremely easy to use system that tracks and bills back guest phone calls, and makes it easy for hotels to offer guests a promotional free calling period to entice in-room phone use. Additionally, ProfitWatch includes features to reduce liability, minimize expenses, and improve security.

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            911 and Emergency Management Solutions

            Instant 911

            For businesses needing an affordable, efficient emergency notification and mass notification solution, ask about our Instant 911 solution. It provides real-time responses to emergency calls with instant notifications via email, SMS text, and screen popup to an unlimited number of recipients.

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            Call Tracking for Business

            Industry Solutions

            Contact Information

            Phone: 954.414.2900

            2455 E Sunrise Blvd
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
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            Metropolis continues to exceed our expectations by providing excellent customer service and a good value." Anna Williams, Cypress Glen
            Metropolis makes the easiest and most robust call accounting product of any we could find." Jeff Tweddale, Booking Center President
            I would love to help other practices with challenging work environments like ours. If any office is experiencing phone abuse and productivity problems like we had, I would recommend OfficeWatch as a solution.” Mariala Diaz, Sunset Cardiology
            The service I have received from every part of the Metropolis organization has been phenomenal and I would confidently recommend them for all your call accounting software needs." Ericka Bautista, Daycom Services