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            OfficeWatch for Executive Suites and Commercial Leased Space

            Leasor Solutions

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            OfficeWatch Brochure

            See how OfficeWatch can help you track tenant expenses and improve efficiency!

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            Call Accounting for Tenants, Realtors, and Leasors

            Telemanagement for Leased Spaces

            OfficeWatch for Commercial LeasingAccurate tenant call bill back for executive suites, commercial and retail leased space

            OfficeWatch for Leased Spaces provides accurate call bill back for executive suites, retail spaces, and office leasors. As the economy has contracted over the last five years, many business owners have turned to leasing out unused office space to help cover costs and generate revenue. Managers can easily track tenant calls and provide itemlized invoices for associated tenant costs with this easy-to-use telemanagement tool. Generate profit, control costs, and optimize your resources by utilizing advanced call accounting and telemanagement features, such as customized rate tables and bill back options, and toll fraud detection. OfficeWatch also provides 911 triple alerts, so you are notified if an emergency situation should arise anywhere on the property.

            • Detailed 911 Alerting Tools
            • Centralized Reporting
            • Phone Hacking Detection
            • Customized Invoicing
            • PBX Offline Alerts
            • Trunk Aanalysis Interface
            • 25 Billing Rate Tables
            • Integrates with Any PBX
            • Superior Ease of Use

            Call accounting data never looked so concise!”

            Communications Convergence Magazine