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            Toshiba Telemanagement and Call Accounting

            NEC Call Accounting

            Toshiba Compatible Solutions

            Toshiba Call TrackingToshiba Telemanagement and Call Accounting Solutions

            >Metropolis solutions work alongside Toshiba's robust, flexible telephone systems to provide value added benefits that increase productivity, save money, streamline operations, and improve customer satsifaction. OfficeWatch Telemanagement for Business, as well as ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Hospitality provide easy-to-use dashboards to reveal critical business data, and enhance the Toshiba system to reduce expenses with features such as carrier bill audits, toll fraud detection, and expensive call alerts, and advanced reporting tools.

            Toshiba Compatibility:
            • IPedge EP
            • IPedge EC
            • IPedge EM
            • Strata CIX 40
            • Strata CIX 100
            • Strata CIX 200
            • Strata CIX 670
            • Strata CIX 1200

            “I would love to help other practices with challenging work environments like ours. If any office is experiencing phone abuse and productivity problems like we had, I would recommend OfficeWatch as a solution.”

            Mariala Diaz, Sunset Cardiology, Toshiba User

            OfficeWatch Telemanagement leverages the Toshiba infrastructure to provide single or multi-site call tracking to simplify costs allocation and billing throughout the organization. Detailed reports by employee, department, organization, or even by account code enable users to quickly expose misuse of the phone system and opportunities to reduce telecom costs. Sophisticated toll fraud alerts also identify suspicious calls and potential VoIP hacking attempts to improve network security.

            ProfitWatch Call Accounting provides accurate, reliable guest call billing for hospitality customers. The system provides call costing options to include markup percentages, service charges, and other adjustable rates for complete billing control. Purchase of any Metropolis solution also includes one full year of our 24/7/365 technical support.

            Toshiba Resources

            Case Study

            Medical Office Toshiba Case Study

            When Sunset Cardiology's employee performance plummetted, they turned to OfficeWatch to identify the problem.

            Contact Information

            Phone: 954.414.2900

            2455 E Sunrise Blvd
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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