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            Trunk Analysis Tools

            A missed call is a missed opportunity.

            SIP reporting and Trunk Group AnalysisAre your customers receiving a busy signal?

            Prevent callers from receiving busy signals and reduce trunk expenses by monitoring trunk capacity with minute-by-minute activity to optimize trunk usage. With our Traffic Watch Trunk Analysis feature (included in SL PRO and XT software applications), the power to be your own trunk usage consultant is at your fingertips. Whether you are wasting money each month on trunk lines you don’t need, or losing customers because your trunk is at capacity and your callers receive busy signals, the Traffic Watch analysis will let you see all the activity instantly. Schedule periodic, automated reports to continually monitor usage and keep on top of your company’s on-going telecom needs.

            • Right-size your network and identify under-utilized phone lines
            • Measure baseline utilization to determine performance before an infrastructure change
            • Identify failed routing structures to locate opportunities to increase efficiency
            • Forecast future growth needs to budget and plan network migrations
            • Gateway / Trunk Group reports help users to transition from PRI to SIP by quickly identifying peak concurrent calls
            • Manage On-Net and Off-Net calls within the TrafficWatch feature
            Call Tracking for Business

            Trunk Analysis Solutions

            Trunk Analysis Datasheet


            Trunk Analysis Datasheet

            Download the datasheet to learn more!

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